Lusaka’s oldest existing Hotel, recently refurbished, blending old age with modernity            


The Lusaka Hotel has been in existence since 1914 when it was first registered under a Canadian Couple Mr.& Mrs. Councell’s. The Councell’s Family seized the opportunity in the Hospitality business due to the economic boom in Lusaka emanating from the opening up of the First Hospital built South of Villa Elizabetta in 1918. In the same year the financial sector saw Standard Bank opening its doors and Barclay followed suit in 1924 and thus increasing the customer base for the Counsell’s Lusaka Hotel.

Some of the guests who where enjoying the Lusaka hotel’s comfortable rooms in 1920 where given a unique wake up call made by the noise from the Aero plane that flew over Lusaka Air space for the first time in history. In 1921, The Lusaka Hotel food and beverage services became a popular centre for refreshment to the workers who were involved in the Flamboyant tree planting project along Cairo road.

In 1926, The Lusaka Hotel suffered a setback as a result of the Lusaka Floods which caused damage to the drainage system on Cairo Road. The Flooding of the city and the Hotel may have been among the reasons why the Councell’s family decided to abandon and sell the Hotel Business.

As the city of Lusaka grew, many residents became increasingly aware of the need for a hotel in town. In 1926, Lonrho Africa secured ownership of The Lusaka hotel with the intentions of upgrading it to the prestigious status with an additional floor to make it a two story building. The current management of the Hotel has faithfully preserved and maintained this status for the benefit of our current and future generations. Under Lonrho the Hotel closed for same time to pave way for serious constructions and renovations that were to follow, and after a year, a new and luxurious hotel “Counsels Lusaka Hotel” opened with much enthusiasm.

The hotel featured a grand tree as a natural Air-conditioning, a spacious IL bambino dining room, a roof garden and Self-contained guestrooms with scenic refreshing views on the sprouting Cairo road.

The Hotel is now owned and Managed by Horizon Holdings who have been at the helm of The Lusaka hotel’s expansions and restoration on this historic structure. The renovation project included the construction of a swimming pool to replace the grand tree, and a closely monitored refurbishment of all the 80 rooms to preserve the character of a historic building.

This is why The Lusaka hotel boosts of being a Mother to the hospitably industry in the city of Lusaka. As the hotel celebrates 100 Year, an Invitation is being extended to all visitors and city dwellers of Lusaka to come and test the old favorite dish of our IL bambino Restaurant “THE OXTAIL”.  We have 100 experiences in the Hospitality industry and we are among a few existing Hotels that have managed to blend old age with Modernity in terms of infrastructure and technology.

Our friendly staff will welcome you and ensure all your needs are taken care of during your stay with us. We look forward to seeing you.

For reservations call the numbers below

  • Telephone : 0211 229049 / 0211 221833
  • MTN Mobile :  0969 229049
  • ZAMTEL : 0211 220435
  • AIRTEL MOBILE  : 0979 220435
  • Email :  lushotel@zamnet,zm